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Consumer Driven Insurance Affects Medical Billing

Consumer Driven Insurance Affects Medical Billing

Consumer Driven Insurance Affects Medical Billing

Consumer driven insurance has been infectious across America. With healthcare on the rise, consumer driven insurance may be the only solution for affordable treatment. Although this type of insurance gets a bad rap, CIGNA HealthCare recently conducted a study based on insurance cost. The study showed benefits for both the beneficiary and the insurance company in regards to medical billing.

A consumer driven insurance plan is a one in which the medical billing model is left responsible to the beneficiary. The patient has a specified number of dollars to use each year. It is their choice whether they want to use their medical billing money for constant reps to the emergency room or preventive services. The study by CIGNA shows that costs are significantly lowered when consumer driven plans were used.

It was found that inpatient facilities were used 5 percent less than normal. This resulted in at 8 percent medical billing reduction of costs. However, a strange finding was that some hospital admissions actually increased. However, instead of picking the hospital that was most convenient, the patients shopped around for the best deal.

Medical billing expenses and patient use can be compared to teenagers. When we were teenagers, we didn‘t blink and eye when asking our parents to spend $100.00 on a pair of jeans. Once we were on our own, we passed up on those expensive jeans and bought three pairs of discount brands jeans for the same price. Once it’s your money on the line, it starts meaning a whole lot more.

Perhaps the medical billing consumer driven model is just what our country needs. People should take more responsibility for their medical billing costs. It should be your decision where and when you spend your medical billing money.

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