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Will Outsourcing Get My Billing Reimbursements Faster?

Will Outsourcing Get My Billing Reimbursements Faster?

It doesn’t sound logical. Sending your claims out of your office to someone else would actually speed up the process of getting reimbursed, but letting someone else handle your medical billing and coding really does speed up the process.

Think about how often your in-house staff gets interrupted, how often the crisis du jour arises and day to day managing of the office prevents them from filing, double checking accuracy, and following up on your submitted claims.

Time is also lost re-submitting claims when they get kicked back for the smallest of errors in coding. As you know, Medicare is extremely strict as far as coding and re-submissions can seriously delay your medical claim reimbursements. Keeping up the changes in the CPT can also be a daunting task.

As you can see it makes a lot of sense to outsource your medical billing. You can send your claims to professionals who will uphold the ultimate in privacy for your claims, submit your medical billing claims, handle tracking of your reimbursements, and always be ready to give you or your staff a status of your medical billing claims with just a phone call or click of a mouse?

Your office will be able to concentrate on delivering quality patient care instead of spending a lot of time handling the detailed work that medical billing requires. If you want your claims done right the first time, paid faster, and handled with the highest of privacy and professionalism, look into outsourcing your medical billing.

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