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9-Day Delay May Turn Into 12 Days

9-Day Delay May Turn Into 12 Days

No doubt you’ve heard about Medicare holding all claims from Sept. 22 through Sept. 30, as required by the Medicare Modernization Act. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services had claimed that all of those claims would be paid promptly on Oct. 2. But now it turns out that may not be strictly true.

Some larger carriers have reported they may have been notified that there may be a delay in mailing out checks, so this may turn into a 12 day holding. Make sure your office staff knows about the September delays in medical billing so they don’t waste time tracking claims.

Additionally, make sure on your Medicare claims, the chief complaint is listed first and foremost. Every Medicare visit now filed must now have a chief complaint. Even on a follow up visit, the base need for the patient’s presence in the office must be substantiated.

If you’d like to take the heat off dealing with Medicare claims and the never ending stream of new rules and regulations to keep up with for filing claims, consider outsourcing your medical billing to a partner company that will ensure you get the highest reimbursements as quickly as possible and will notify you of any upcoming filing changes so your staff can always use the most current coding and documentation standards to get the best reimbursements for your services performed.

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