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Indirect Supervision Codes in 3 Easy Steps

Indirect Supervision Codes in 3 Easy Steps

Care Plan oversight services can be slightly confusing for medical billing staff members. In order to correctly bill services, there are certain rules that should be followed. There are three medical billing steps for correctly billing indirect supervision codes.

The medical billing current procedural terminology codes 99375-99380 should only be used in certain instances. These codes represent non face-to-face visits by pediatricians for special needs children. There are certain instances when it is acceptable to do medical billing for this care plan oversight (CPO): revision of care plans, review of patient status, review of lab work, and phone calls to assess condition with guardians.

The second step to correct medical billing supervision codes is to identify agency. This is used to figure out the code set. In 2006, the CPO medical billing current procedural terminology codes will be expanded, however, they may only be used in three instances. First, the patient should be under a home health agency for care. This is when the medical billing codes 99374 and 99375 are used. Second, the patient is in the care of a hospice (99377 or 99378). The third instance when a CPO medical billing code is appropriate is when the patient is in a nursing facility with codes 99379 or 99380.

The third step to correctly bill Indirect supervision codes is to add up the monthly minutes. To find the exact code to use in medical billing, you must use 30 minute segments on the CPO codes. For minutes 15-29, you use the medical billing codes 99374,99377, and 99379. If the service is 30 minutes or more, than you would use the codes 99375,99378, or 99380.

As long as you use these three medical billing steps as a guideline, you will never bill CPO incorrectly again.

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