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Getting the Indirect Supervision Code Right in Three Steps

Getting the Indirect Supervision Code Right in Three Steps

For help with performing the care plan oversight services if you are having a hard time with the 993xx series these steps should help to get you started.

Step one is to count these care services as 99374-99380. The 993xx series codes allows pediatricians to bill for coordination of care of special needs children without face to face visits. You can report these care plan oversight CPO codes as 99374-99380 for Doctor supervision. This is only for when the patient is not present for the following doctors services,

a) revision or development of care plans for multidisciplinary and complex modalities.

b) related lab and other studes review

c) patient status report reviews

d) assessment of care decisions by way of telephone calls and internet communication of healthcare professionals, family, primary caregivers and legal guardians.

e) new information assimilation into the medical treatment plan or medical therapy adjustment.

2. Code Set identification

The CPO codes facility supervision entities are going to be expanded in 2006, however these services may only be reported when the patient meets one of these three conditions:

a) the patient is under a home health agency care–99374 or 99375.

b) patient is on hospice–99377 or 99378.

c) patient is a nursing facility patient–99379 or 99380.

3. Make sure you have the Total Monthly Minutes for the Exact Code

CPO codes must be billed based on 30 minute segments. To document and perform 15-29 minutes of CPO services in a month, use the first code in each of the above sets which are: 99374, 99377, 99379). For services that are longer, 30 minutes or more, within a calendar month report the second set of codes 99375 and 99378.

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