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Is Sloppy Coding and Lack of Time to Follow Up Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Is Sloppy Coding and Lack of Time to Follow Up Hurting Your Bottom Line?

In a word: yes. If your staff has gotten sloppy in their compilation of your medical billing claims and your office is so busy that no one has time to follow up on medical billing claims; it is costing your practice in the form of real dollars.

If you’re not already outsourcing your medical billing, your practice is most likely part of the statistic that shows that nearly one fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to under pricing, under coding, missed billing and claims that go unreimbursed. Imagine if you could add up to one extra fourth of your business income; would you expand your practice? Add newer equipment? The limits are only your imagination.

Chances are very good that your practice is being under-reimbursed on many or not the majority of your medical billing claims. Get a consultation from OMG and see if your practice could benefit from outsourcing. It’s not the right choice for every practice, but for most the partnership between a thriving practice and a competent medical billing partner that will do everything to make sure your coding is correct and your claims are fully reimbursed can be a very beneficial partnership indeed.

If you’re been looking into outsourcing your medical billing but you aren’t sure it will be a good fit for your individual practice, talk to a consultant with OMG and let them answer your questions and show you the true bottom line benefits of outsourcing your medical billing.

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