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Are You Learning From The Daily Lessons?

Are You Learning From The Daily Lessons?

“Turning Lessons Learned into Action at Your Medical Practice” is an article over at Physicians Practice. I am mentioning it because the article brings up a great point about the things that happen to us daily, and whether or not we actually think about the lesson and learn from it…


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“Every day is full of lessons to be learned, if only we would pay attention to them. Lessons present themselves in various forms throughout the day. We make conscious and unconscious decisions every second, resulting in some type of action. Are you going to run that yellow light just as it is turning red? What if that jogger on the corner stepped off of the curb one second sooner than she should have and you ran that light? There are so many opportunities presenting to you to see these lessons. Here are some thoughts about identifying these in your medical practice:

If you had a patient that came in for her appointment, and during the 30-minute visit had a bad experience and left angry, wouldn’t you want to know why? Don’t shrug your shoulder and say, “Wow what a cranky person!” Perhaps there was an interaction with a staff member that did not go so well, or she did not want to pay for the visit because she did not understand that her deductible started over for the year. Maybe she was just having an off day. It’s worth it to find out if there was anything wrong with the service provided by your staff, or if more patient education is in order. Those are easy fixes, and should not be brushed off or ignored.”


There are a number of things that happen to all us daily that we probably don’t give a second thought to, but if we just step back and consider what happened, there’s a good chance that we can learn from it and apply it to the future. I am guilty of always being in a hurry and ignoring some of the things that happen, I am going to step back a second, and say “How can that help me tomorrow?”


Authored by: P.J. Cloud-Moulds on Physicians Practice

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