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Self-service data preparation and analytics

Self-service data preparation and analytics

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Improving claim collection rates is one way to boost revenue cycle performance, and hospitals can achieve this through various means.

Frank Moreno, vice president of product marketing at Datawatch, shared the following tip with Becker’s Hospital Review:”Effective revenue cycle management is only attainable when healthcare organizations have a full view of their patient and operational data. Finance departments cannot wait for IT to provide detailed reports, or spend countless hours manually pulling data from EMRs, 835 and 837 remittance and other files.Yet that’s what is happening at organizations across the country every day. Instead, by using self-service data preparation and analytics solutions, finance teams can easily unlock hidden data to better manage cash flow, see revenue across service lines, drill down into claims, review aging claims and identify gaps in the revenue cycle process. In minutes rather than hours or days, individuals can determine where corrections need to be made to recapture potential lost revenue.”…


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