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A New Platform for Educating New Doctors on EHR Use

A New Platform for Educating New Doctors on EHR Use

Over the past few years, the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine began to notice a problem. While EHR technology had become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry, medical school curricula had not evolved to reflect this reality.

This realization became the impetus for the Regenstrief Institute’s EHR Clinical Learning Platform.

“It didn’t start out as this,” Regenstrief research scientist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at IU School of Medicine Blaine Takesue told

“It started from a different project here at IU,” he continued. “We’ve had proprietary EHR for decades and we noticed we didn’t do much in the way of direct instruction through the EHR, although our house staff and students sit in front of the EHR for up to hours a day. We were thinking of projects we could do to address that problem.”

Then in 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) launched the Accelerating Change and Medical Education Initiative to prepare medical students for healthcare’s current health IT landscape. Members of the institute saw AMA’s interest in improving EHR literacy as an opportunity to innovate a technology geared toward incorporating EHR training into medical education…


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