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Indiana Makes Top 5 States for EHR Adoption

Indiana Makes Top 5 States for EHR Adoption

A recent report by the Center for Data Innovation ranked each state based on its rate of EHR adoption and provided recommendations on how policymakers can enable more efficient data use.

Data innovation—specifically in the healthcare industry—is imperative to fostering improvements across the care continuum.

Researchers at the Center for Data Innovation stated data insights using EHR technology for preventive care and better clinical decision making could cut costs across the industry by up to $450 billion.

States were evaluated and ranked for their level of EHR adoption and use according to the availability of high value data sets, development of useful technologies, and proliferation of human and business capital per state.

In their evaluation, researchers used 25 indicators in three categories to measure which states had the highest rate of EHR adoption and the most effective level of EHR use. These three categories included the following:

the extent to which key data sets are available, including data about the government, education, health care, and energy;

Technology: the availability of key digital infrastructure, such as broadband, smart meters, and electronic health records; and

People and companies: human and business resources, such as the number of open-data companies in the state, and the size of the data professional community.

The top five states for EHR adoption are as follows:

1. Massachusetts
2. Wyoming
3. Washington
4. Minnesota
5. Indiana


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