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Most Providers Report Lack of Health IT Interoperability

Most Providers Report Lack of Health IT Interoperability

A new eHealth Initiative survey found 68 percent of providers believe current interoperability solutions fail to help meet the goals of value-based care.

Researchers in 2017 Survey on Access to Patient Information gathered responses from 107 respondents including CEOs and other executive leadership, IT leadership, clinical staff, and administrative leadership from hospitals, health systems, medical groups, physician practices, HIEs, and other organizations.

The survey addressed issues including health data exchange, interoperability, federal regulations, patient access to information, and patient engagement.

Researchers found that most providers believe technology has improved healthcare quality since 2008, but certain areas—including interoperability—are still in need of significant improvements.

“Sixty-three percent agree that technology has helped increase healthcare quality since 2008,” wrote researchers in a presentation of survey findings. “Fifty-five percent agree that great progress has been made in using technology to engage consumers in the management of their health.”

Specifically, EHR data collection and analytics tools have positively affected the majority of surveyed healthcare organizations. Sixty-six percent of respondents stated their current data collection and analytics tools are driving some or significant benefits and value-based care outcomes.

“Only 14% report that they are not driving outcomes,” noted researchers…


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