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Five ways interoperability plays a role in addressing the coronavirus epidemic

HealthIT Answers has an article outlining five ways data interoperability can play a pivotal role in addressing the epidemic… “Even as capacity restrictions force organizations to work without barriers—via drive-thru screenings, make-shift tents or by way of telehealth—real-time access to data can help streamline care management, whether fast tracking admissions or empowering patients at home through online portals. Here are five ways data interoperability can play a pivotal role in addressing the epidemic: Coordination of Care: COVID-19 provides a sobering reminder of just how much a fully integrated, scalable and interoperable healthcare infrastructure is needed. Coordination among first responders, public health officials, labs, acute, and post-acute facilities will be critical

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CMS adds 85 more Medicare telehealth services and codes

Becker’s Hospital Review posted that CMS issued various regulatory changes on March 30 to further support hospitals’, physicians’ and other healthcare organizations’ capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, including expanding Medicare coverage of telehealth visits.  On March 17, the Trump administration announced CMS will temporarily pay clinicians to provide telehealth services for beneficiaries during the pandemic. CMS is now expanding Medicare coverage of 85 additional services provided via telehealth, including emergency department visits and initial nursing facility and discharge visits.  Here are the 85 additional services, and their respective codes, that CMS will cover when provided via telehealth through the duration of the pandemic:  1. 77427: radiation management 2. 90853: group

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COVID-19 and the Science of Social Distancing

Medscape published great article discussing the science behind social distancing and the NPI guidelines.   “Social distancing and other non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) have proven to be effective tools in most pandemics. But their effect on the spread of the novel coronavirus is not yet clear, experts say. The goal of NPIs — which include personal actions, such as staying at home when sick and washing hands, and communal ones, including school closures and canceling mass gatherings — is to flatten the height of the infection curve and build herd immunity, thus buying time to increase hospital capacity and to come up with drugs or vaccines to treat the illness. State

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Tips for Running Your Medical Practice during the Coronavirus Crisis

“At one large practice in Bergen County, New Jersey, the waiting room is empty — but its patients are still receiving care. As of mid-March, the practice is still operating, thanks to the group’s willingness to adapt its work flow, sometimes radically, to mitigate the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, patients now call the receptionist from their vehicles when they arrive, and wait there until receiving a call back telling them the clinician is ready. The practice has also started using telemedicine for the first time, to the extent it can be adopted in a hurry, and some clinicians are working from home on tasks such as medication

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7 things to consider when billing and coding for Coronavirus

Becker’s Hospital Review shows us 7 things to consider when billing and coding for Coronavirus…   1. CMS developed Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System code U0001 to allow laboratories and healthcare providers to bill for using the CDC’s RT-PCR Diagnostic Test Panel. Healthcare organizations should use HCPCS code U0002 to bill for validated, in-house developed COVID-19 diagnostic tests, according to CMS. 2. Beginning April 1, laboratories and healthcare providers can bill Medicare and other health insurers using codes U0001 and U0002 for services provided on or after Feb. 4. 3. Local Medicare Administrative Contractors will develop the payment amount for claims received for codes U0001 and U0002 in their respective

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