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What are Taxonomy Codes?

What are Taxonomy Codes?

What are Taxonomy Codes?

Even if you’ve only been involved in medical billing for a short time, you have seen taxonomy codes, they are primarily used in the billing of Medicare claims.

The taxonomy code is now HIPAA mandatory and necessary for electronic filing of medical billing claims. The taxonomy is a unique alphanumeric code that is 10 characters in length. The code list is structured into three distinct “Levels” including Provider Type, Classification, and Area of Specialization. There is a listing called “The Provider Taxonomy Code List” which allows a single provider (individual, group, or institution) to identify their specialty by category.

Providers may have one or more than one taxonomy associated with their organization or practice. When a provider has many different specialities, different taxonomy codes are used when filing the medical billing.

Incorrect or outdated coding can get your Medicare medical billing claims rejected. So care when noting which code to use on your form when filling out your medical billing claims is the key.

If you outsource your medical billing, you don’t have the headache of keeping up with taxonomy coding and adding or changing as your specialities change. Your medical billing partner will keep up with which specialty taxonomy code needs to be used with your medical billing claims, even if you have more than one specialty.

Your medical billing partner will take of the paperwork on all levels of your medical billing, from the set up, the checking the coding, to submission. In the case of the rare rejection or denial, your medical billing partner will handle those situations for you as well. Leaving you and your staff free to handle business as usual in your thriving practice.

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