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3 Key Tips for Ensuring a Smooth EHR Replacement

3 Key Tips for Ensuring a Smooth EHR Replacement

Physician and nursing dissatisfaction with an EHR system could lead to long-lasting problems within a healthcare organization, such as fueling administrative burnout and patient engagement. Opting for an EHR replacement is not a decision that should be made lightly, and organizations often look toward new options when they begin to encounter certain issues, both technical and cultural.

A smooth EHR replacement process is not always guaranteed, and organizations will need to make well-informed decisions throughout the entire implementation process.

Each healthcare organization is different, and will have varying requirements when it comes to EHR selection. But considering the needs of physician and nurses, finding an EHR system to meet an organization’s growing needs, and ensuring to not rush the selection process are all key considerations.

Work toward physician, nursing satisfaction

EHR user satisfaction is often a key reason why a healthcare organization will opt for an EHR replacement option. Involving all physicians and hospital staff in the EHR selection process, such as in product demonstrations, can help to improve provider satisfaction.

A higher user satisfaction rating can also help to lower the likelihood of physician burnout, or ease administrative burden for staff members…


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