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A New Platform for Educating New Doctors on EHR Use

Over the past few years, the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine began to notice a problem. While EHR technology had become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry, medical school curricula had not evolved to reflect this reality. This realization became the impetus for the Regenstrief Institute’s EHR Clinical Learning Platform. “It didn’t start out as this,” Regenstrief research scientist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at IU School of Medicine Blaine Takesue told “It started from a different project here at IU,” he continued. “We’ve had proprietary EHR for decades and we noticed we didn’t do much in the way of direct instruction through the

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Inventing New Medical Billing Codes

Are there still medical conditions that have no codes for billing in ICD-10?   Here is a graphic from Physician’s Practice on the subject…     Credit and See the original article at Physician’s Practice

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RCM tip: Meetings can enhance AR staff productivity

Meetings with individual accounts receivable staff can be a valuable tool to improve revenue cycle management performance, according to Susan Eilman, senior healthcare consultant at Wellesley, Mass.-based Hayes Management Consulting. Ms. Eilman shared the following tip with Becker’s Hospital Review. “Not every member of your staff performs the same. Employees fall into low, medium and high performance levels and from my experience, holding one-on-one meetings with each accounts receivable staff member allows you to understand what issues they experience daily, provide development tools for them to reach to a higher level, and set goals to enhance productivity. Listening is the best tool to discovering issues you may not have known

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Documenting in Your EHR While Focusing on the Patient

Mott Blair, a Wallace, N.C.-based family physician, doesn’t get distracted by the EHR in the patient exam room. That’s because he keeps it in the hallway, right outside the exam room. He uses an old-fashioned clipboard and paper to take notes during patient visits. “I do all my work face-to-face with patients. I maintain that eye contact, and I always listen,” he says. This work flow has been intentional on Blair’s part, since he’s witnessed many physicians “caught up” entering data and not focusing their attention on patients. His patient’s experience starts with a nurse at the practice capturing their vitals, chief complaint, and current medications and documenting those details

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Indiana Makes Top 5 States for EHR Adoption

A recent report by the Center for Data Innovation ranked each state based on its rate of EHR adoption and provided recommendations on how policymakers can enable more efficient data use. Data innovation—specifically in the healthcare industry—is imperative to fostering improvements across the care continuum. Researchers at the Center for Data Innovation stated data insights using EHR technology for preventive care and better clinical decision making could cut costs across the industry by up to $450 billion. States were evaluated and ranked for their level of EHR adoption and use according to the availability of high value data sets, development of useful technologies, and proliferation of human and business capital

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