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Tips for Getting Maximum Reimbursements for Ulcer Claims

Often, patients who are confined to beds for long periods of time develop pressure ulcers. They are painful and need to be treated as quickly as possible as infections can set up within them that can be life threatening when the patient is already in a weakened condition. When a service is performed for a patient such as treatment of a pressure ulcer on an area of the body such as the lower back, the usual manner of treatment is to remove any devitalized tissue from the ulcer using a water jet and forceps. The area is then covered to allow it to not be rubbed on so the skin

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Getting Those "Q" Modifiers Right For Medicare

Remember when medical billing used to be a simple affair of matching the procedure done with a couple of medical billing codes to describe what was done, attaching your documentation and then submitting your medical billing claim for reimbursement? Now we have codes for codes and modifiers and the need to when to bundle and when to not bundle with the goal being fair reimbursement for procedures done. Modifiers cause a lot of confusion for many medical billers. One such confusing modifier that is worth clarifying is Q6. This applies to Medicare medical billing claims only, but in a nutshell when one of your staff physicians takes a leave of

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Switch to Oursourcing Your Medical Billing in 2008!

Outsourcing your medical billing claims to a third party partner may be one of the smartest business moves you make in 2007. You may have had every intention of doing your own medical billing for your practice from the day you opened until the day you retired, however with the never ending changes and nuances in medical billing claims varying from cancelled codes to nonpayment of certain procedures because they simply weren’t reported correctly – there comes a time when you need to look at your revenue flow from your reimbursements and decide it might be time to outsource your medical billing claims. Another reason to outsource is the small

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Don’t Be Baffled By Long Term Care Claims!

Long term care medical billing has it’s own set of nuances that must be followed in order to ensure that you receive proper reimbursements for the services you provide. Since nearly every patient you treat will have a long term history of care – it’s sometimes tempting to skimp on the medical documentation and necessity but since you have no way of knowing who is going to review your claim, you need to handle every claim as a fully individual manner complete with full documentation or you may wind up with partially paid claims or outright denials of your medical billing claims. One important thing to learn is when you

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Before You Code…..

Don’t even crack your code book unless you’ve done the following three things: Number 1 – Make sure that your ICD-9 codes book is from the current billing year. New codes are issued on October 1st of every year. Make that your Medical Billing New Years and put up the previous year’s code book to ensure that you don’t make a mistake and code from the incorrect set of codes. Number 2 – State by reviewing the diagnostic statements and make yourself a side list choosing the conditions you need to code in order to make sure you don’t miss anything when you’re choosing the proper ICD-9 codes. Number 3

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