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Where To Train For Medical Billing And Coding

Careers in medical billing and coding are becoming more popular every year. There are several institutes that offer medical billing and coding training online so that you do not have to quit your day job to go to school. You can still earn money through your full time job and take courses online until you are certified and can make the career switch. Most schools that offer online courses can be completed from your house. Once registered with the school of your choice they will send you all the materials you need. You will do lessons and take tests online and then earn your certification or diploma. The time it

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Proper Coding Equals Paid Insurance Claims

There are a number of reasons insurance claims remain unpaid. To understand them, let’s look at one very important aspect of the medical billing process. Proper coding. This is one of the most important, and one of the most complex, aspects of medical billing. There is a number, or code, assigned to each and every medical condition and procedure imaginable. This procedure was put in place to standardize the industry. Although it seems to complicate things, the codes are meant to make it easier for medical providers, insurance companies, and the government to communicate efficiently. This standard language can provide an easy snapshot of an individual’s health and healthcare, and

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Find an Outsourcing Hero

A truly capable and knowledgeable outsourcing partner/vendor will always obtain enough information to define your problem(s) and needs in order to develop and deliver possible solutions. Once identified ask for a vendor track record of fixing the problem. The vendor should be able to add value to your processes or products; not just improve the bottom line. Industry experts say that defining the problem is 50% of the solution. The vendor you are shopping should assist you to get your needs and then partner together with the end goal in mind. An outsourcing hero will educate the client during the process of delivering the solution. The vendor should always have

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Indian police make arrests in outsourcing fraud – News – CNETAsia

Indian police make arrests in outsourcing fraud By Dinesh C. Sharma, Special to CNETAsia Monday, April 11 2005 9:09 AM NEW DELHI, India–Police have arrested former employees of an Indian call center that handles U.S. customer accounts for allegedly stealing consumers’ funds. The suspected gang members arrested by police in Pune included three ex-workers of Mphasis BPO. Police said the employees allegedly stole customers’ personal account information and transferred around US$350,000 to fake accounts in Pune. Sanjay Jadhav, the assistant commissioner of police, said about US$23,000 (1 million Indian rupees) of the fraud money has already been recovered. The call center workers left their jobs last December. “The detection systems

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Three Medical Billing Outsourcing Myths

Myth #1: You will have a higher rate of reimbursements, if you only work with an established medical billing outsourcing company. Their longevity points to a wide range of experiences and expertise, to handle the complexities of your billing problems.However, a company’s length of service in the medical billing industry is not the only measure of reliability or expertise. There are “toddler” medical billing companies which are owned and managed by executives, or medical billing experts who’ve branched out from the older firms. They bring their experiences and a significant amount of knowledge to the new business. To get a better assessment, you should request the prospective firms for a

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